20/20 hindsight

Slow down. Look closely. What can you learn from another's lesson?




WHY? - to Challenge DATAISM


WHY? - to restore MASCULINITY


Why 360MEN: "Book of Insights"?


Why? to restore Fatherhood


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360MEN Invitation

Hi I'm Daniel Comp

Do you know when you have something important that you know you're gonna say and you find a million things to do like empty the tanks on your Airstream, and go windsurfing, and I don't know just about anything?

I've been working on this project for 20 years. I've been clicking away. Last year I built 32,000 websites - so I'm thoroughly committed to technology and using technology to make a difference for people.

If you've been following the news or the media or social streams you probably agree that there's a few things amiss.

I'm at 62 now I'd really like to facilitate a conversation. If you would like to talk to other men. If you'd like to contribute to other men. If you'd like to be
able to make a difference for guys, I'd like to have that conversation with you.

This is Canyon Lake. San Antonio is just a little bit down the road. We were in Austin at the Capitol today talking to people about a project. We'll be in Houston and Dallas soon. We're in Texas on the beginning of a long journey for us around the country. We've closed our office. We've committed to come see people face to face - like Kenny Rucker in Littlefield and Dr. Mario Diana in Plano and Dean Rush in Houston. These are men that I really respect for their perseverance. I would like the conversation to be private, deep, meaningful and available.

If that sounds like something that interests you then I hope this is good news and an invitation for us to have that conversation - to get together here in an event that you're learning about for us to explore what that might mean and for you to understand what it is I've created and what I'd like to see 360MEN become. So I think that's what I wanted to say (but I put it off for a few days so we can talk about that)

All right, good on you, thanks

Personal Everests

Illegitimate Child

I was born in 1955. I vaguely recall my mother telling me that my biological father left us when I was 6 weeks old. My step-father came into my life on a holiday weekend. As I remember it, my mom came home with him from Las Vegas. (So much for the "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"?)

The womens rights movement started. So did TV dinners.

I discovered my birth name by rummiging for my birth certificate needed for sports in Junior High.


Misguided Youth

America went to the moon. I went to Vietnam.

I fell off a glacier. I became a Christian. I became an entrepreneur.

The Internet changed everything. I clicked fast and captured 8 world-records.


Mature Explorer

At 50 I peddled across America for the first of three expeditions.

Along the way I became much more self-aware.

This makes me very odd. More accurately - eccentric.

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