LIFE Lessons

What do you wish your father had taught you before...?

We all could have had a better upbringing. Most of us had parents that DID NOT have the internet, or helpful parents. Most of us were raised in an era of 'figure it out' - way before wikipedia and social media. How did we get by? How in the world did we manage?

The 'MUGSHOTS & COFFEE' episodes are for sharing what you wish your father (or a man) had taught you before you learned it the hard way. What three things do you want to pass on to younger men? Here's a chance to contribute your hard-earned insights for guys to NOT STEP ON!

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Through True Stories

Go to a coffee shop or local breakfast joint early in the morning. Chances are you'll see guys looking for significance. They are hoping their life has meant something. They are sharing stories of lessons they have learned - tales that cost them a lot to experience.

We've got scars, had scares and near misses. We also learn from the stories other guys tell us. Our brains are built to 'experience' their story in our mind so we don't do what they did - and maybe dodge that hungry tiger. We learn from their warnings, wisdom and humor.

Grab your phone. Ask insightful questions like "what do you wish your dad had taught you?" "what would you like men to know that you should have?"

Get involved. Help us build a corpus of masculine insights and true stories so younger guys and AI do NOT have to learn on their own!