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Daniel Comp has spend decades fulfilling the Star Trek phrase; "to boldly go where no man has gone before". His early passion for physics and travel led him to serve in Vietnam with a US Navy nuclear propulsion specialty as a 2nd-Class Petty Officer. Following an epic glacier fall and recovery from paralysis he served 8 years in Youth With a Mission (YWAM) working with television celebrity chef, Graham Kerr (Galloping Gourmet ). Daniel's passion for achieving, learning and contributing is demonstrated daily - and consistently over decades - in his leadership in open-source software and enterprise collaboration.

As an entrepreneur he built his boutique design + development firm with 17 employees creating projects across the Puget Sound (Tacoma/Seattle). Then the physicists at CERN birthed the internet and Daniel discovered his 'vehicle'. In 1997 he aimed his learning and creativity at world-class IT.

The early web brought a series of fabulous projects through which Daniel's role as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) has led Intelligent Netware to grow in capability to become a pioneer and world leader in digital franchising and syndication fractals. In July and August 2013 he set two IT World Records for Intelligent Netware, four more in 2014-15, and his seventh for building over 32,000 websites in 2017.


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Learning and teaching, personal growth expeditions, plant-based foodie, wind-foiling!, windsurfing, cycling, family, travel


Daniel's passion for adventure and personal transformation has been fulfilled with three trans-America solo cycling expeditions. He is the Founder of 360MEN and Wellness by Choice. He has authored 'Entrepreneurial Schizophrenia'® and 'The Enterprising Cycle'. His most prized memories are hundreds of outdoor adventures with his son David and daughter Carissa.


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