Massive U.S. Marketing Leverage

Rapidly Accelerating Change + Massive U.S. Marketing Leverage

We're in an age of Rapidly Accelerating Change but our biology wasn't built for this according to Dunbar's Number (1)

"huge, enormous, gigantic, very big, very large, great, giant, colossal, mammoth, vast, immense, tremendous, mighty, stupendous, monumental, epic, prodigious, mountainous, monstrous, titanic, towering, elephantine, king-sized, king-size, gargantuan, Herculean, Brobdingnagian, substantial, extensive, hefty, bulky, weighty, heavy, gross;" (2)

"the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit." and "an ongoing communications exchange with customers in a way that educates, informs and builds a relationship over time." (3)

"The ability to influence a system, or an environment, in a way that multiplies the outcome of one's efforts without a corresponding increase in the consumption of resources. In other words, leverage is the advantageous condition of having a relatively small amount of cost yield a relatively high level of returns." (4)


"Trust Me,One Website in U.S. is All You'll EVER Need"

Since the beginning of the Internet people have thought that a SINGLE WEBSITE would be all they needed. Then it grew.

Remember from point (3) that Google only has room to index (catalog) 1/500th of the public internet. It's clear that if you want people to find your information it has to be massively shared and organized very precisely - meaning the URL (web address) and TITLE of each post reflects the U.S. location and answer the exact question of your intended audience.

If you are satisfied with a beach shovel. Cool. You now know not to settle for the Google "knows all" myth. If you want leverage, how about a much bigger tool?

If you want to find more how about using a tool with MORE leverage?

Bigger Tools Work Faster

Both of these shovels work according to what they are designed for – dig a little or dig big. Why settle for a single scoop website if you can get hundreds for the same price? Private web syndication does this – it turns your single website into a digging machine with a massive marketing bucket!


Time to Call Dunbar's U.S. Number

In an age of rapidly accelerating change, it's crucial to be ahead of the U.S. masses. How about starting a conversation with us. Contact us.


DUNBAR: "Dunbar's number is a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships—relationships in which an individual knows who each person is and how each person relates to every other person. Dunbar theorised that "this limit is a direct function of relative neocortex size, and that this in turn limits group size... "the limit imposed by neocortical processing capacity is simply on the number of individuals with whom a stable inter-personal relationship can be maintained". On the periphery, the number also includes past colleagues, such as high school friends, with whom a person would want to reacquaint himself or herself if they met again."

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