Daniel Comp U.S. 360MEN Founder

Your Journey to Self Understanding in U.S.

Daniel Comp, founder of 360MEN introduces himself, a few deep personal growth philosophies and demonstrates a simple introductory profile that subscribing 360MEN get as part of their package.

"We don't see things the way THEY ARE. Rather, we see things the way WE ARE."

"The greatest expedition you will ever undertake is the journey to self understanding. I invite you on such a journey."


Windfoiling the Columbia River Gorge

Windfoiling the Event Site in Hood River"I'm Daniel Comp and I'm shooting this video from Rowena Crest - one of my favorite places on earth. This is the Columbia River Gorge. Out west I like to windfoil." That is because I love to ACHIEVE by LEARNING new things. Windfoiling is windsurfing on a hydrofoil. It feels like riding a snowboard in powder snow. It feels like flying a glider because it has three axis of travel. I love it.

One of the wonderful things about the Columbia River Gorge that separates the state of Oregon and Washington is that the wind blows through here right for wind sports it's also why I have to come inside because you can't hear any audio.(1)



Clifton Strengths - ACHIEVER - INPUT - LEARNER

Watch the U.S. 360MEN founder Daniel Comp profile video "One of the best tools for getting to know somebody, I believe, is the Clifton Strengths-finder Assessment (2). My top three strengths are Achiever, Input and Learner.

This video clip is a demonstration for each of you that are shooting your profile to introduce yourself to some of the other men and attendees, and it's also an example of how the Clifton Strengths-finder can be used to get to know somebody really good - because you're gonna find out not just their strengths - you're gonna find out their weaknesses.

Our strengths turn out to be things we've practiced most of our life that are the direct result of our childhood wounds. They're actually our coping mechanisms. My eight World Records in IT production for having built over 32,000 websites - more than any human that I know of - the ACHIEVEMENT comes directly from not knowing my genetic father. I'm always thinking I have to do more than what is normally expected of someone. The Input and Learner strengths - well those become how I offend people. Those are my second and third strengths.

Our strengths are 'OUR NORMAL' - NOT everybody else's norm. That means that we easily offend and weary other people by just being who we are with our strengths. "


Seeing U.S. things THE WAY WE ARE

One of the things that is core to knowing somebody deeply is finding out who they really are inside and what their wounds are. When we realize that we don't see things the way THEY ARE, we see things the way WE ARE. When we become comfortable with how we see the world we become far more open to hearing how others see the world.

Sharing our strengths and our wounds is part of the journey. Nobody gets out of life without a good story." (1)



"There's a very powerful thought in the movie called Secondhand Lions. (4) It goes like this; "everyone needs something to believe in - even if it's not true."

Often I find that our beliefs are the excuse, the reason, or the story that we give ourselves to accept who we are and how we wound people. I would invite you on a different journey."



"If you spend any time around me (I usually share how) you'll have found your blind spots - your scotomas.

I find that there's a direct correlation - or an insight you can have - between our physical blind spots and our emotional blind spots that come from our strengths - our coping mechanisms - and who we are deeply as men with the things that we are challenged with all the time." (1)



"You might be one to summit Everest (a huge challenge). You might be like me; a three times Transamerica cyclist, or a world record holder. But you know what? Getting to know who I really am - that's been the most important thing - for my personal growth and then also - for those people around me, like my wife and business partner Angelina, or my son and daughter and my grandkids." (1)



"As you get to know me a little bit I'll leave you with this thought; 'I believe the greatest expedition you'll ever undertake is that journey to self understanding'.

"True to character - Achiever - Input - Learner - I'm trying to squeeze everything into a short video so you can see both the demonstration of an introduction video and also so you get to know me a little bit.

"So, there are my Strength,s. There's one of my favorite places and a little bit about me as a person.

"Be sure to have a good call to action at the end of your video!

"If some of this sounds intriguing and you'd like to start your own personal Everest I'd encourage you to not go it alone and to join the conversation at 360MEN.net.

As always you can subscribe to this channel, and you can join us for a conference or an expedition. " (1)


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