You've got something to share, right?


Participation Features+Benefits

■ Tandem Creative Effort
■ Full Training, Support and Accountability
■ Video and Article Syndication on a large network
■ 8.5" x 8.5" full color print and multi-media
■ Experience and confidence building
■ An existing audience to learn with
■ Market testing with minimal expense


360MEN book of INSIGHTS  vol. one

You've got something to share, right?


it's like 'CHICKEN SOUP' (1, 2)
with 'DIRTY JOBS'(3)
on TED (4)

(3) insights by (60) men on "I Wish I Learnt Before I..."

(1) Chicken Soup for the Soul   (2) Chicken Soup Series   (3) Dirty Jobs    (4) TED Talks

Ask yourself;
How do I feel about exploring?
Would I consider joining an expedition with other men?
Would sharing insights give me a sense of significance?

This expedition is a tandem production in private with a select group of men. Like a 'Personal Everest' we're identifying and expressing in video and print hard-earned answers to "what 3 things do I wish a man had taught me before I..."

This is a group journey where the guys help each other identify, tell and massively share important life-lessons.


How would you feel not having to learn the production and promotion process alone? Imagine seeing your hard earned insights and wisdom in print AND in video AND syndicated across hundreds of sites, following a peer review and suggestion process. What a relief it would be to finally be getting 'traction' and recognition for your overcoming efforts and character developments.

The 360MEN Book of Lessons volume one has you working in tandem with other men, in a private discussion and ideation quarum, getting direction and feedback BEFORE releasing it for public judgement.

Imagine the comradery and joy not having to learnt it alone!

Video Gateway from print

The point of the print book is to act as a gateway to your full articles which are supported by three videos on the 360MEN YouTube channel. The transcripts are syndicated across our network of hundreds of websites and indexed by Google specifically targeting your audience. The QR codes launch the videos, and other content you want to spotlight, including supporting evidence.

Typical double page spread layout for EXPLORERS and FELLOWS




Join the conversation and have your ideas recognized and potentially up-voted for publication in the book. Gain confidence and expereince with encouragment by the Explorers and Fellows.
You get access to these men at minimal cost, and with a commitment that fits your schedule and budget. Your master-mind can now consist of reachable men that respond to your inquiry and comment.


Launch your content with peer support and syndication across several hundred websites. Learn the ropes and pitfalls of social media, search and human nature. This is an excellent opportunity to experience tandem production while acquiring new skills and insights in a private platform just like the one the Fellows are using.

You'll secure a double page spread in the book along with the training and mentoring to get the best content produced for reuse in your ongoing work.


Fellows work in tandem as a select group of leaders, each accelerating their work in an exclusive metro with a 360MEN platform that has 98 websites ('digital franchise') targeted at their unique audience. Working together with men of equal caliber and mission, Fellows contribute to each others growth and reach, as a master-mind, a minyan or quorum to ensure minimal blind-spots and dead-ends. This effectively helps reduce surprising outcomes while broadening the possible markets and creating a sustainable income.